One Week

My apologies for not writing a post and updating everyone on the excitement (totally kidding…it has been pure panic) over the last week and a half.  We found out on July 28th that we would be closing on the sale of our home in six days.  Not only did we not have a single thing packed to move out of our home, but our new home also was not ready for us to move into.  Like I said before, cue major panic!  Thank the Lord that the week we had to move happened to be dead week for football or we would have lost many possessions when we moved out without them due to lack of time.

As soon as we got the news about our closing date, I checked the clock.  It was 11:12am.  I have a strict rule for myself that I do not drink before noon unless I am drinking a mimosa.  Since I did not have any orange juice or champagne on hand, I had 48 minutes to wait until I could crack open a much needed beer.  During that wait, I packed as many boxes as I possibly could.  The problem I ran into was that we were limited on boxes in general.  I packed 7 boxes very quickly to realize I only had a few more to use.  Again, I looked at the clock.  Luckily for me, it was after noon so I was able to have a beer, take a few breaths and start packing some clothes.

Over the next couple days, we were able to get a lot packed up.  We had friends come to help us and I could not be more grateful for that.  Corbin and I very quickly realized that we have met some pretty amazing people over the years.  He had a couple friends come on Sunday to help with some big stuff, we both had former athletes come and help and I had a friend drive an hour to come down and help.  The guys did the heavy lifting, and the girls did the packing.  I can’t thank my friend Jodi enough for packing up our entire kitchen.  I’m telling you, this girl is an expert packer.  That was the room I was dreading the most and she knocked it out so quickly! Since we had a shortage of boxes, we went to the new house, unpacked some boxes and then brought them back so we could re-use them.  After we moved most of the big stuff over and several boxes, I felt like we were in a much better place and might actually be able to pull it all off.

A little more good news came through when we found out that although our closing date remained the same, we bought ourselves 27 hours for possession to change hands on Friday at noon.  We continued to take small trips over and emptied much of the house.  We still had a few big items that needed to go including our grandfather clock that my dad built us as a wedding present.  That clock was the most stress-inducing part of the move for me.  We saved that and our bed for last since they were the biggest items.  Again, cue panic because Thursday night was when we planned to move the remainder of those big items and it decided to rain.  I was near tears thinking about sleeping on a damp mattress and potentially hurting my clock.  With a little more luck, the storm blew through quickly and we were able to get our stuff over to the house intact and dry.

The first night sleeping in the house was a disaster.  We threw our mattress on the floor, set up Dawson’s bed and the pack and play for Logan.  All four of us slept in the same room.  New house, new sounds and lots of dust kept us up most of the night.  I finally had a mental breakdown at 2am wondering if I was going to be able to survive the next 2 weeks living in that house before paint and carpets were done.  I felt like a bad parent because both boys were all stuffed up from all of the dust and there was no room for Dawson to play.  I started questioning whether or not this was the right move for our family.  Thank goodness my husband is always a positive person because he was able to calm me down and get me some sleep.

Friday morning, I went over to finish cleaning up a bit and I had to make one more trip for some random pieces we didn’t grab on Thursday night.  It was really bittersweet to clean everything out and close our front door for the last time.  I had to make sure I got myself out of the house fairly quickly so I wouldn’t completely break down.  This was our first house; the place we turned into our home.  We brought both of our sons home to this house and made some wonderful, lifelong friends with our next-door-neighbors.  It is hard to imagine our new home in the same light as our old home.  Although I know we will create countless memories there, I am also sad for the memories we will leave behind in the old home.

With great friends and a lot of hard work, we were able to get everything out of the house (almost) on time.  Once that was taken care of, I decided my next project would be to make sense out of the ridiculous amount of stuff that was just thrown arbitrarily into only two rooms in the new house since it wasn’t ready.  Since that is a massive headache in itself, I will save it for another post.  Just wait until you see the pictures of that mess!