Week of the Plague

Hey guys!  I had been planning on writing two blog posts per week beginning in January, but the last couple weeks have been pretty crazy as we have gotten settled into the new year.  To start off, we were in New Jersey when 2018 began and I had not quite wired out the details about what I had planned to write about from our lifestyle perspective each week.  Now, that I have had some time to think about it, I would really like to share about our lives and what happens on a weekly basis as well as some meal planning and recipe reviews.

This past week, unfortunately, was an epic fail on all accounts.  We returned home from New Jersey last Saturday, the 6th, and I had grand plans for Sunday to get settled back in, get some Christmas decorations put away and get the grocery shopping done.  None of that happened, though, because I wanted to spend time together as a family of four instead since Corbin was going back to work the following day and our hectic lives would be picking back up.  I was really looking forward to getting back into a routine.  I love routine and we had not been on one the entire time we were visiting my family.  We did have a much better time with Logan’s sleeping while we were there, but Dawson reverted to climbing in our bed every night and now we need to break that habit again.

Well, the universe had other plans as far as that routine went.  At 3am on Monday, Logan started vomiting.  I immediately got his bedding in the wash, spread blankets and towels all over the floor and geared up for a long day.  He threw up every 15-20 minutes for five hours and then slept for 2.5 hours.  When he woke up, the diarrhea began.  My house has never smelled so bad!  Honest to God, it smelled like something climbed up in his little ass and just died there!  The poor kid was pooping like every 15-20 minutes as well and just had no energy.  My energy level was running severely low as well.  Luckily, Dawson was a champ while I took care of Logan and kept checking in to make sure his baby brother was okay.  That kid is so darn sweet when he isn’t running around acting like the devil.  

A good friend of ours brought us some Pedialyte so I didn’t have to pack both kids up to run out and get some.  That stuff is magic!  I introduced it in small amounts and his energy level came up so quickly.  We kept him on Pedialyte all day and he seemed to be feeling way better.  Tuesday morning, he was a whole new kid.  He had his 9 month well visit at the pediatrician and everything checked out great.  He was eating again that day and seemed to be in pretty good spirits.  Dawson was able to go to lunch with “Pa” and spent some time “working” at the farm with him.  I thought we might make it out of this with minimal damage to our family’s immune system.  Boy, was I wrong!!!!

Tuesday night at dinner, Dawson said he wasn’t hungry at all.  Our rule is that if he doesn’t eat his dinner, he doesn’t get any other snacks for the rest of the night.  He said that was fine and seemed a bit off.  About 45 minutes later, he threw up.  Honestly, we thought it was just a fluke because he continued to run around the house like nothing happened.  Then, he threw up again, and again, and again…..  Damn!  It was happening again.  I immediately covered his room with towels, blankets, buckets, spare sheets and Pedialyte.  I was not going to deal with the same mess we did the day before.  Well, I guess I wasn’t as prepared as I thought.  Within twenty minutes of getting in bed, Dawson threw up on both sets of his sheets.  Corbin had to go next door to his parents’ house to grab their extra twin sheets.  Once I got his stuff going in the wash, we just laid on the floor.  Corbin finished his work for the night and volunteered to sleep in Dawson’s room with him.  That kid took it like a freakin’ champ!  He would sit up and tell us he had to throw up again, vomit and then apologize to us before falling back asleep.  If we have done anything right with him, I would say we have taught him some pretty great manners.  He continued to apologize for throwing up and thank us for taking care of him for the next five hours.

Again, I thought maybe I would get lucky and not come down with it.  I have a pretty weak immune system, so if I hadn’t gotten it yet, I wasn’t going to, right?  Wrong!  At 4am, I started throwing up as well.  I woke Corbin up at 5:30 and asked if there was any chance he could take off.  Thank goodness he was able to because I don’t think I would have survived the day without him.  He had to run into school to print some stuff out for the sub, but was home by around 8:30 with the nectar of the gods, Gatorade, and I was able to retreat to bed for the remainder of the day.  Dawson came to check on me multiple times and napped with me for a while as well.  By the evening, I was feeling a bit better.  

Thursday, Corbin went back to school and I thought we were in the clear.  My energy was back, Dawson never skipped a beat, and Logan seemed to be okay other than being tired, or so I thought.  He wouldn’t eat and started throwing up again.  He also wasn’t peeing at all so I was concerned.  I checked with some friends and family members and called my pediatrician about his dehydration level and when we might want to take him to the ER for IV fluids, if at all.  The pediatrician’s office told us to wait 24 hours without a wet diaper before we went in which seemed too long to wait.  That evening, after around 12 hours of a dry diaper, we went to Urgent Care.  The doctor there said he was stable and not terribly dehydrated but gave us warning signs to watch for and gave us a timeline as to when we should take him to the hospital.  We got home, fed him some solids (doctor’s orders), gave him a small amount of milk and bathed him after he threw up all over the two of us.  The bad news is that I was covered in vomit, but the good news is that sometime during the feeding and vomiting, he peed!  I got him to bed without a hitch.  It was at that point that Corbin told me he wasn’t feeling well…..

At this point in the week, my nerves were flippin’ shot!  I was on the verge of a breakdown and I knew it.  I had anxiety over Logan (and checked on him approximately 907235072 times that night) and now Corbin was sick, too.  There was also supposed to be some wicked weather on the way in the morning so I was concerned about a possible trip to the hospital on icy roads or Corbin’s rough commute to work on those same roads if he was well enough to go.  Dawson woke up around 11:45 with the worst night terror he has ever had.  It lasted a full hour and completely broke my heart.  Here it comes!  The breakdown was upon me!  I started crying because he was so terrified.  Once his night terror ended, Logan woke up absolutely screaming out of hunger.  We were trying to follow doctor’s orders by not overdoing it with too much food, but he clearly needed more!  Again, more tears from my end.  

I finally crawled into bed at 3am and fell asleep quickly.  An hour and a half later, Logan woke up hungry again.  Another 4 oz. of formula and he went back to sleep.  Another hour goes by, and he is hungry again.  I am just waiting for him to blow out of both ends at this point.  He has to, right?  I walked out of the room to make a bottle and when I came back in, Corbin’s arms were stretched into the air as he punched the sky victoriously.  The call had come; school was cancelled!!!  I shit you not, I started crying.  Then, he mentioned a four-day weekend since Monday is MLK Jr. Day and I cried harder.  This was easily the denouement of the breakdown.  I was able to go back to sleep and so was Corbin.  He was able to stay in bed all day and rest from the plague as I had done on Wednesday.  

The week of the plague was a week in hell.  We made it through, though, and I was able to spend the weekend cleaning every surface in the house and washing every piece of fabric we own.  There was no grocery shopping done, there was no meal planning or cooking completed since we were just eating pretzels and Gatorade all week, but we are getting back to being healthy-ish.  The Christmas decorations have all been put away, and the third week into January should finally bring us a bit more of a routine!  Life for us is hectic, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.